MAvatar2y name is Maarten van Hemmen and I am the founder of DrBarefoot. I started this company because I believe when you fully enjoy the things you are doing, you can do anything. For me drbarefoot is the ultimate vehicle to do so. So now I am doing cool projects with nice people:-)

The people drbarefoot works with are all somehow connected to the drbarefoot vision “freedom is only five toes away”.

The Five Toes:
• Source: for taking yourself as the ultimate source without being arrogant.
• Independent: to only work with the people you want to work with.
• Trust: to trust the people you work for, or with. And being trusted in return.
• Passion to Discover: because DrBarefoot does everything with passion. There’s no other way.
Destination… All the things mentioned above are to finally reach the defined destination. Whether it’s a film, a project, a career or life for that matter.

Besides creating content, DrBarefoot leaves his footprints behind by initiating and participating in social awareness projects. Just because it will help people who need it a little bit more than I do.