Ring – “Always home”

What a trip!
In collaboration with Deep Thought Productions we created a campaign for Ring video doorbell and Floodlight Cam.  With this smart system you always know who is at your door, from anywhere in the world!

The campaign will be aired in 6 countries throughout Europe, have a look at the Dutch version below.

Our lovely team:
Concept: Deep Thought Productions
Director / Camera: Rogier Jaarsma
Camera: Justin Nan
Art: Jolien Wansing
Styling: Nicole de Werk
Edit: Vic @ Deep Thought Productions
Colourgrading: Gerhard van der Beek / Rogier Jaarsma
Animation/Composit: Firma Buurman
Producer: Maarten van Hemmen
Production Coordination: Willemijn Wesselink
Production Coordination: Minou Hiemstra
Production intern: Sophie van Bergen
Thx to all cast & crew!

Special thx to Jules Hooijer!


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